June 1, 2012 @ 10:48 AM

Your florist is not a DJ. Your DJ can’t style your hair into a gorgeous up-do for your wedding day. The limo driver is probably not an ordained minister. So, why should you believe it when a vendor who specializes in something else tells you “oh, we also provide coordination services”?

 In short, you shouldn’t.

Some of it is just logistics. If your photographer has to make sure s/he takes every photo you’ve asked for…s/he probably doesn’t have time to check that that the custom cake you ordered is indeed as you wished.  Your caterer likely won’t have the time to make sure all of your attendants have bouquets or time to show each bridesmaid how to hold them as they walk down the ...

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October 2, 2011 @ 9:44 PM

...by Amy Svireff

The pros say there are three vital components to the success of a bridal updo for short hair:  products, accessories and creativity!  You can always opt for hair extensions on your big day for more versatility but there are some glamorous and formal looks for short-haired brides, too. 

Here are some tips from the pros:

Faux Updo Hairstyles

  • If your hair is ultra short and you want the illusion of an updo, use your veil as a tool. Here's how:  lift up the section of hair where you plan to place the veil and put it to the side; underneath that section of hair, make two or three tiny pony tails with small rubber bands; move the original section of hair back to cover up the rubber ...
  • ...

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