You have embarked upon planning the most Fantastic day of your life!

If you think that planning your wedding sounds like fun, you are right! Planning your wedding should be almost as fun as getting married. If you think hiring a planner takes all the fun out of planning, you can rest assured. At Fantastic Functions our goal is to let you have ALL the fun of planning your special day while minimizing the stress, hassles, or frustration that may arise from dealing with the necessary but not-so-fun aspects.


Do You Need a Wedding Planner?

Most brides realize they needed a wedding planner when it’s too late – at the wedding. Why spend the entire evening worrying about the flowers, the food, when or IF vendors will arrive, and a million other details. A highly qualified wedding coordinator will take care of all the details for you and carry out your vision, so you can be the guest of honor at your wedding and relax and enjoy your day.


Can You Afford a Wedding Planner?

This is a very common question and an understandable concern: weddings are expensive! Our goal at Fantastic Functions is to provide a full range of services for weddings of every size and budget. All of our services are provided a la carte, so you use only what you need, and pay for only what you receive. Very often we are able to actually SAVE our clients money by identifying lower cost vendors and negotiating better deals than what the couple would have received otherwise. We provide a free first consultation so you can get to know us and better understand how we can help facilitate your special day.


Wedding Already Planned? 

Terrific! We are always happy to work as a Day-Of Coordinator for those brides who have already done the planning work themselves, but still want someone to make sure their day runs smoothly. We'll meet with you to understand exactly how you want your perfect day to go, confirm details with your vendors, take care of any last minute details, and be on site to make sure your day runs smoothly. Our goal is for you to worry about nothing the day of your wedding but putting on that beautiful dress!