All Wedding Planners are NOT Alike!

It’s important to find a planner who fits well with how you envision your wedding day, weekend, or entire engagement. Fantastic Functions provides a full range of services from consultation to day-of coordination to full event planning. You pick the service that best fits your needs. Busy brides and those planning a wedding from afar very often choose the full planning option which means we do all of the leg work for you. We will visit potential vendors, collect menus and pricing information and then help you choose the one that will work best for you. This service also includes full day-of and rehearsal day coordination.


We’ll Help as Much or as Little as you Like

Fantastic Functions offers services on an “a la carte” basis, which means we can provide the exact combination of service you need to make your day perfect. If you want to do all of the planning and only need someone to direct the events on the wedding day, we can do that. If you simply need a list of recommended vendors, we can do that. If you want someone to be with you every step of the way to help you make decisions, provide opinions, and do the footwork, we can do THAT too!


Is Your Wedding Right Around the Corner?

It is never too late to make your event a Fantastic Function. We provide day-of wedding coordination services, which are perfect to make sure that the wonderful event you have created goes off without a hitch.



We Won’t Bore You with a Laundry List

…of the services that any good wedding planner should offer to you. We would rather use this space to tell you about some of the unique services that all clients of Fantastic Functions receive –

¨      We work with your caterer to customize a menu that fits your tastes perfectly.

¨      We refer you to reliable vendors and may be able to negotiate discounts or free extras that you would otherwise not receive.

¨      Your coordinator will provide an emergency kit in the event of stains, tears, makeup mishaps, falls, pokes, sneezes and other unexpected problems.

¨      We will serve as a buffer between you, the bride and groom, and difficult friends, family or vendors.

¨      We are your go-to person for last minute errand running. Whether it be picking up a groomsman from the airport or buying a handbag to match the mother of the bride’s dress, you know who to call in the event of any emergency.

¨      We take care of problems as they arise without interrupting your enjoyment of the day.

¨      We deal with unannounced guests and late RSVPs.

¨      We will ensure that your flowers, cake, music, etc. are delivered on time and exactly meet your specifications.